Aichi Expo

Times Online has a wonderful article about the Aichi Expo in Japan… Wondering what it would be like to star in a film before you see it? You can go to see a special animated film at the expo, and you will be asked if you’d like to take part in the show on your way in–just by placing your face into a hole in the wall. High resolution cameras scan your face from several angles, to place you in a random part. Everyone in the theatre who wants one, gets a role, and a Toshiba supercomputer processes the one-time-only film in the back. Maybe this is a future in interactive film– it sure does seem fun. The expo is packed full of virtual reality safaris, robots, and more. Aichi Expo just recently opened last week and runs until September 25th, a total of 185 days, so if you find yourself in Japan, there is plenty of time to check it out!