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Premiere: Art Feynman’s “Feeling Good About Feeling Good”

The debut track from the talented Cali-based artist is a warm, spirited tune that warrants repeat listens

California-based Art Feynman recently announced his debut album Blast Off Through the Wicker and we’re delighted to premiere the single “Feeling Good About Feeling Good.” The almost-eight-minute delight defies genre—there are tinges of many, from krautrock to funk, psychedelic rock and afrobeat, but to try to pin it down does the tune (and Feynman himself) an injustice. Suffice to say, “Feeling Good About Feeling Good” is wildly spirited and warrants repeat listens—thanks in part to excellent production. Perhaps most impressive is the lack of drum machines; the percussion was all recorded live, offering a sublime warmth and richness.

Feynman tells us, about writing the track, “It’s mostly about the groove, and I was feeling good when I recorded it thinking about how good it is to feel good, and how I don’t want to feel bad again, and that feeling good about feeling good will make feeling bad much worse, and then feeling bad about feeling bad will make it less likely to feel good again.” This personal, self-reflective nature permeates, and he says of creating the album (which was recorded in California and New York) and making music in general, “I like getting lost in interlocking repetition and playing with rhythmic feel in certain ways. I make it to satisfy my ear and hopefully people will like it and, if not, then that’s OK too.”

On vinyl, CD or digital, Blast Off Through The Wicker is available for pre-order now.

Images courtesy of Western Vinyl


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