Woodpile BBQ Brisket

Partially cooked, fully smoked brisket delivered to your doorstep for you to finish in your own kitchen


Living in a city like NYC it’s often easier to eat out than spend the time and energy cooking. And, for some of us, the most gourmet meal we’re qualified to cook is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For those of you wishing to cook up a proper feast for a special occasion, check out Texas’ Woodpile BBQ. The Austin-based company sells partially cooked, fully smoked slabs of natural certified Angus beef—from cattle raised on small family farms—that you finish cooking in your own oven. We recently gave the service a try, and even with limited culinary capabilities, the hearty brisket turned out absolutely flawless.


Smoked over a wood-fire—not gas—the nine pound briskets are pulled off the heat source just before they’re done, then flash frozen and vacuum-packed to seal in the flavor. The meat is then shipped out immediately, taking just one to two days to reach its final destination. Once it’s on your doorstep, all you have to do is thaw the brisket in your fridge for 48-72 hours, then drop it into a broiler pan and cook it for a few hours—ours took around five hours at 245 degrees and came out of the oven perfectly juicy and evenly cooked with an unmistakably delicious smoked flavor.


Each brisket comes with final preparation instructions and cutting directions. But really, if you have a thermometer and an oven—you’re set. Woodpile BBQ estimates their briskets feed 25 people (with sides) and ours easily served 10 with more than half remaining. To learn more visit Woodpile BBQ‘s website and order a natural brisket for $129 plus tax and shipping.

Images by Gregory Stefano