Beautiful Crime


"Graffiti is not vandalism, but a beautiful crime," is one of the philosophical pillars that this guerilla gallery operates on.

Now that we seem to have stopped arguing whether graffiti is art, we can start to enjoy some of the fine stuff collected by the folks at Beautiful Crime.

The current exhibition by San Francisco artist Pure Evil chronicles how a tale of giant bloodthirsty rabbits descending upon NYC from Upstate. (Pictured above.) But there's more than just graffiti here; BC exhibits a variety of artists whose works — for different reasons — can be classified as challenging and subversive.

You don't have to go down to your local culvert to see graffiti, these guys bring it right to your computer.

And, at "The Counter," there's merchandise too.

So you see? It's not vandalism – vandals don't merchandise.

by Jacob Resneck