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Bonfire of the Brands


Neil Boorman is exactly the kind of bloke you would expect to see dressed from top-to-toe in labels. As founder of the Shoreditch Twat, DJ at London club 333 and a writer for The Guardian, brands that you or I might covet, from Apple to adidas, have decorated every part of his life. Until now. You see, he's decided to burn all of his branded gear on a big, cathartic bonfire on 17 September 2006. All the shoes, clothes, designer bags and even furniture will go on it, with only a de-badged laptop remaining.

This kind of reaction to modern consumerism is not a particularly new one, and reminds me of what Michael Landy did in London some five years ago. The fact that Boorman has a track-record as a smart operator, with a deal to write a book about his experience, initially made me quite skeptical. However, the blog he's writing in the build-up to the bonfire makes interesting reading, and does seem genuine. Even if the £4.99 plimsolls he's now swapped his Nikes for are actually the most fashionable non-brand in East London right now.