Brian Jungen at the New Museum of Contemporary Art

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This is the Vancouver based artist's first show in North America, and it brings together much of his work over the last ten years. Brian's work is probably familiar to many of you, especially his recently completed Prototypes for New Understanding 1998-2005, a series of 23 Northwest Coast Aboroginal masks made from Nike Air Jordans. Another compelling series is the three large hanging whale skeletons, which are made from white plastic patio chairs. His newest works are carved baseball bats that provoke you by their "socially charged" inscriptions.

There are several themes that run through all of his work: Nature and how it is impacted by consumerism and consumption; a strong sense of place—both geographically and politically—of how we all fit into the ecosystem; and transformation, both literal and figurative. Catch it if you can. Brian Jungen opens today at the New Museum of Contemporary Art/Chelsea in New York City and runs through December 31st, 2005. The catalog is available here.

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