Candice Lin's sculptural illusions and videos taking on racial and gender inequalities


Artist Candice Lin‘s new exhibit “Holograms” uses video and sculpture to challenge the distribution of power among races and genders, exploring the concept of authentic identity.

In her ceramic sculpture “The Moon,” Lin challenges understandings of feminine interiority by requiring audiences to peer through the vulva of a truncated female form in order to watch the animated loop inside. Dubbed “Inside Out,” the animation addresses the old Madonna-vs.-whore cliché.


The exhibit’s namesake, “Holograms,” a twenty-minute video projection montage of found footage and animations, likens identity to a holographic image. Attempting to embody that which can’t be categorized, the ambiguous work incorporates optical illusions, hypnosis and visual contradictions, all to thwart any image of authentic identity.


“Holograms” runs 6 November through 11 December 2010 at L.A.’s Francois Ghebaly Gallery .