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This Real-Time Hologram App Aims to Improve Remote Video Meetings

As an alternative to Zoom or other (empowering yet exhausting) remote video meeting services, the startup Matsuko—a finalist in SXSW Pitch 2022’s Extended Reality & Immersive Technology category—is developing real-time hologram-meeting capabilities. All one needs is an iPhone and the free Matsuko app. “Our brain is wired for the third dimension, and we need a sensation of people physically being there,” Maria Vircikova, cofounder and CEO of Matsuko, has explained. According to Fast Company, Vircikova, an AI researcher, partnered with Matus Kirchmayer, a former programmer on the Assassin’s Creed video game, to start developing Matsuko in 2017. Read more about their secret progress—and how XR goggles may be involved soon—at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Matsuko

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