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Culture Label One-Stop Museum Shop

by Fiona Killackey


Why tackle crowded subways, road rage and the world’s most ferocious shoppers when Culture Label aggregates art and design objects from 75 of the U.K.'s top galleries, museums and libraries into one site? The brand-new enterprise edits the most unusual and beautiful pieces available from spaces such as V&A, the Tate, Saatchi Gallery and the British Museum so that shoppers can browse and buy from the comfort of their own homes.

From remote-controlled snakes to lo-tech cameras, see what we found from Culture Label below.

German-born potter Anja Lubach's Porcelain Vessel (above left, £61) features subtle reliefs of anonymous faces. The piece works as a vase, cup, votive or just as an object for display.

Anyone deserving a "Bravo!" will appreciate British artist Martin Smith's whimsical Applause Machine (above right, £225).


Made of wood, this crossbow and its two padded arrows (above left, £26) will stand up to the toughest of play and can stand in as a costume in a pinch.

To freak out parents and relatives this holiday season, this remote-controlled rattle snake (above right, £30) realistically slithers.


Every budding photographer needs a Pinhole Camera (above left, £13) and this one makes it a little easier than the DIY oatmeal container version.

For bibliophiles or playboys (or both), these Devastating Man Cufflinks
(above right,15GBP) allow the owner to wear it on his sleeve.


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