One Hundred and One Things To Do


Never be bored again with KesselsKramer's latest offering, one hundred and one things to do. Jam packed with plenty to keep you occupied and presented with a stunning collection of simple photographic images, it is as much a coffee table text as a manual for any crafternoon collective.

The text is a 40-page essay based on ideas from Do, a label created by KesselsKramer a decade ago. Do produces innovative ideas for products, marketing, communication and design and has been responsible for creating some of the branding strategies for labels like Virgin, Benetton and the Body Shop. With 30 projects already developed by Do and 70 still in a conceptual stage, one hundred and one things to do challenges the reader to participate in the process of production and to think outside the square when developing new ideas. Outlining key trends in the fields of design and graphics, KesselsKramer have developed a text essential to the creative expansion of any artist.

Available for purchase from Amazon or Stout.