ALL Knitwear

Handmade, super-cute knit products from a renaissance woman


It’s a rare thing these days to find a fashion label that truly stands out for originality and design. It’s even less common to find one that is not only made locally but also made by hand by the name behind the brand. ALL Knitwear is lovingly made by Annie Larson, a blogger and knit enthusiast, in her Minneapolis shop. We caught up with Larson for a chat about knitwear, color and tangible inspiration.


Who is behind the label?

ALL knitwear is a one-woman operation. I launched the label and online shop in April 2010 and have updated the selection seasonally since then. All of the pieces are made-to-order by me within two weeks of the order being placed. In addition to producing each piece, I manage all of the photography and website administration. I write every email personally to each customer—it’s always me on the other end!


What’s with the name, ALL?

A.L.L. are my initials, standing for Annie Lee Larson. It also doubles as a description for what you can expect from the label, it’s all knitwear!

Where do you source design inspiration?

I visit many corners of the Internet for daily doses in fashion and culture. I am often inspired by people and personalities and places. I have suddenly become interested in magazines again, craving more tactile inspiration.


Where do you produce the knitwear?

In my storefront studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I have a Brother 910 Electroknit knitting machine, which uses mylar sheets and a special pencil to graph the patterns I use in my designs. Every morning, I wake up at 7:30am, drink coffee, eat oatmeal, write emails, and then knit for the rest of the day. I like to link the pieces together in the evening because it’s a quiet activity and it feels right then.


Where are you stocked and what’s next for you?

Currently I am stocked by Dagmar Rousset in Melbourne, Australia, as well as my online store. In the coming months I will also have stock available at the General Store in San Francisco and Douglas + Bec in New Zealand. I have some travel plans coming up in May, and have been starting the process of a potential move to New York City next fall. In between all of that, I will just keep knitting every day.