“Except For Me” Campaign Raises Awareness About Unpaid Labor in Prisons

Part of the Abolish Slavery National Network, End The Exception is a coalition of 80+ organizations “including criminal justice reform, civil rights and labor groups” that are working to end slavery and involuntary servitude within prisons. The name exists because of an exception clause in the 13th Amendment that continues to exploit incarcerated people in the US “as workers, paying them nothing to a few dollars a day to perform jobs ranging from prison services to manufacturing or working for private employers where the majority of their pay is deducted for room and board and other expenses by the jurisdictions where they are incarcerated.” This month, they launched the Except For Me campaign to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to sign a petition that will be delivered to Congress in the hopes to abolish the exception. As prison reformer Johnny Perez says, “Slavery by any name is wrong. Slavery in any shape or form is wrong.” Find out more about the movement at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of End The Exception