Finnish Import: Husky Rescue


If you like long dark winters; salty, hairy fish and tall blond people, you'll adore Country Falls by Husky Rescue, the latest import from Helsinki. Like Morcheeba or St. Etienne before them, Husky Rescue makes beautiful atmospheric music with a hint of country thrown into the mix. At times upbeat and peppy, a quick shift in the music takes you to a darker place – think of how you felt the first time you saw Todd Solondz "Happiness". You want to run up to everyone and hug them, but then can't understand why you're sitting in a corner moping and crying. In the end, you can't wait to hear the music again.

The band, essentially, is Marko Nyberg, who wrote all the music then gathered about 20 friends (all from Helsinki) to play and sing. But it’s a collective of five people that make up the traveling mass you’ll see live. And 20-year-old lead singer Reeta-Leena Korhola not only sounds like an angel, but looks as pure as the Finnish snow.

Even the band’s website is clever and fun. The landing page takes you to a faraway cartoon land of white-capped mountains with fish leaping out of a crystal blue icy pool of water. When you run the mouse over the nav menu, it starts breathing, getting ready to morph into something else, and then it does. The whole page zooms in and heads to your next destination.

Husky Rescue is gearing up for a bunch of dates in the UK, including a slot on this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The band is virtually unknown in the States, so check out their album, which drops May 3 in the U.S. from Minty Fresh.