Geoff McFetridge: Whitest Boy Alive Video

Beautiful/Decay is showcasing the latest in creative media later this month with a symposium that will include Cool Hunting’s own as well as Brand New School, a film and animation studio based on both coasts, that will be curating a series of films.

This segment will include some of their own work as well as an interesting music unofficial promo video recently released for the album Golden Cage by Whitest Boy Alive, an electronic music project that’s whittled away its programmed elements down to a simple guitar, bass and drums sound.

The music video set to the track “Dreams,” was directed by graphic designer Geoff McFetridge, the 33-year-old artist and filmmaker who’s made his name designing title sequences for Hollywood movies and household name fashion products. McFetridge’s work here is a brilliant example of simple line animation that puts concepts and ideas over production quality that’s a nice compliment to the simplicity of the music. His flip book-style animation is a welcome contrast to the usual soulless offerings that rely on post-production flashiness to conceal a lack of imagination.

There are only 200 seats available at the event, so you may want to get yours now. Doors open at 6:30pm 20 November 2007 at Anthology Film Archives at 32 Second Street in Manhattan. It’s expected to sell out; tickets are available in advance.