Gerhard Stochl: Skateboarders 1996-2006


If you are in Berlin for the World Cup excitement and have some downtime between matches (or if you just want to flee the excitement), you should check out New York-based photographer Gerhard Stochl's show at CircleCulture Gallery that opens this Thursday, 29 June 2006 and runs through 31 July 2006. For the last 10 years Stochl has been photographing professional as well as casual skaters for himself and for major skateboarding magazines. He has circumnavigated the globe–Vienna, Miami, Sao Paulo, NYC, etc.—to document the best skaters. For "Skateboarders 1996-2006" he focuses on the interplay between street skaters and their urban environments—whether they be public art, monuments, architecture, or homegrown half-pipes in industrial ruins. The results are stunning for fans of rad stunts as well as those who just love a pretty photo.

Circleculture Gallery
Gipsstraße 11
Berlin Mitte
tel. +49(0)30 275 817 80