The Fish That Ate the Shooting Star


I am in Sao Paulo for the opening of "The Fish That Ate the Shooting Star" Os Gemeos' first solo show in their homeland, Brazil, opening today, 28 July 2006. Most of Os Gemeos' friends and family in Brazil have never experienced their installations, and they've really outdone themselves for the occassion. There are details upon details upon details. In the middle of the gallery, a giant puppet wearing a sequined vest sits in a houseboat. The house part of the boat features a large-scale cuckoo clock, flashing lights, people who chase fish, little people that swing around, and roof tiles that have each been painted into a distinct character. Patchwork metal pieces cover the floors and turn into waves at the hull of the boat, which is adorned with colored fish scales. Os Gemeos' characteristic figures show up as large scale, highly detailed murals on the walls; it's impossible to take them all in during just one visit. To top it all off, the exterior of the gallery has been transformed to look like one of their trademark heads. See more images after the jump.

Galeria Fortes Vilaça
Rua Fradique Coutinho 1500
SÃ¥o Paulo, Brasil
tel. 55 11 303 27 066

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