Ghostpatrol Pencil Drawings

Ghostpatrol is an Australian artist currently working in Melbourne. He cut his teeth as a street stenciler, but has since branched out into painting, sculpture and various other media.


His most recent work includes drawings on a canvas of pencils. Arranged side-by-side, the pencils' surface were shaved into a flat plane making it easier to draw on. His works feature cherubic kids with oversized heads—something like exaggerated Hummel figurines who are lost in daydreams. The example above is the artist's take on the video game character Zelda (click for detail).

Ghostpatrol also markets a collection of similarly styled dolls (above right) and other works for sale, including t-shirts and illustrations. He's featured—along with ten of Melbourne's best artists and illustrators—in the first exhibition at the new No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne, which opens today, 23 May 2008. He also has work showing in Spain and Los Angeles through the year and into 2009. Keep an eye on his website for further developments.

No Vacancy Gallery
23 May-6 June 2008
27 Red Cape Lane
QV Building, Melbourne map