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Giorgia Lupi’s “10 Days in Isolation” Project

When data-obsessed designer and artist Giorgia Lupi wound up in isolation over the holidays, she turned to her craft. For each of the 10 days that she spent quarantined from the rest of the world, she made an artwork. On canvas, she painted and stitched different shapes, colors and patterns to represent different elements of her day—from activities to her mood and beyond. She states, “Abstraction has always informed my work as a designer, and creating codes and structure for myself when composing is always part of the process. In this case I am playing with looser data points that do carry meaning for me only. Each element carries particular significance and connects to a larger story of isolation during these times, trying to put all the feelings in perspective.” See the project on her website.

Image courtesy of ⁣⁣Giorgia Lupi

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