Halloween 2006: Monsters and Sex


Opening tonight, 27 October 2006, Saved Tattoo presents "Monsters and Sex," a show of drawings and paintings, at their new spacious and ornate Williamsburg shop that runs through 27 November 2006. The exhibition features the work of artists and tattooists Chris Conn, Dan Trocchio, Chris O'Donnell, Ray Abeyta and Saved's own Scott Campbell. Chris Conn, retired tattoo artist-turned-illustrator has long been the unrivaled king of lusty pin-ups in the tattoo world. Having focused his talent on the art world, he is proving to be a formidable presence. Ray Abeyta in his highly crafted Mestizo-Baroque style adds a bit of erotic narrative with his oil paintings. Semi-retired from the tattoo business to focus his sights on art and design projects of much larger resonance, Scott Campbell has a waiting list of well over a year for tattoo work.

Monsters and Sex
Opening: 27 October 2006, 7-10pm
Saved Tattoo
3 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211 map
tel. 01 718 486 0850