ICFF 2006 and Beyond


New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is right around the corner (from 21-23 May 2006) and there are some hot events happening there as well as off-site. Here are a few that we'll be checking out. If we missed any, tell us here and we'll post a follow-up on Friday.

Mobile Living is a conference and exhibition that's taking place at Skylight Studios concurrent with ICFF. As the name implies, they're going to be looking at our present nomadic lifestyle, showing examples of innovative design from the Office of Mobile Design, CP Company, Airstream (of mid-century trailer fame), Inflate UK, makers of temporary blow-up offices, a geodesic dome from the Buckminster Fuller Institute, Adam Kalkin's Push Button House, and something special from perennial faves Lot-ek. Paola Antonelli, the acting Director of MoMA's Department of Architecture and Design, Brett Littman from P.S.1, Ada Tolla (one-half of Lot-ek), Adam Kalkin, Douglas Fanning from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Karim Rashid, and others as speakers will be talking on a panel on Monday, 22 May 2006. It 's hard to imagine all of these design heavyweights in the same room.


At ICFF, be on the lookout for Rugged Art. Natty works with great artists to make 100% handmade limited edition art rugs. Last year, I had a chance to lounge on Ryan McGinness's beautiful rug (right). This year they'll will be showing designs fresh off the loom by NYC artists Doze Green and Yuri Shimojo along with rugs designed by Ease, Rostarr, and Steve Tsang.


In Brooklyn, for the fourth year running Williamsburg's firstop, from 20-21 May 2006, showcases innovative designs with over 20 open studios, exhibits, installations and other events, most with parties on 22 May 2006. Curated by thriving design store The Future Perfect's David Alhadeff and designer Jason Miller, the 3rd annual Altoids Living Spaces awards one emerging designer (chosen by Karim Rashid this year, 2005 winner Lindsey Adelman's new "Curiously Fussy" tin pictured left) with financial support and takes place 20-23 May 2006 at Supreme Trading. HauteGREEN, held at Bettencourt Green Building Supplies from 20-22 May 2005, brings together over 40 of the best in recent Green design, including Uhuru's one-of-a-kind pieces that elegantly repurpose materials like wood strips and bicycle rims and Loop.pH's plant-based BioWall.


Last weekend's BKLYN Designs launched the exhaustive exhibit that features work by over 60 Brooklyn-based artists and designers called Blockparty that runs through September 2006 and is housed in one of the new 14 Townhouses located in downtown Brooklyn. With works like Heather Cox's Tissue (pictured right) and the neo-Goth furniture of Brooklyn Royal, Blockparty is a rare chance to see Brooklyn zeitgeist under one roof.

Last but not least, rumors are already circulating about the Ikea Everyday exhibit and their guerilla furniture installation in Sheep's Meadow.