Jenny Owen Youngs: sunrise mtn

With the glowing new single “sunrise mtn,” critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs offers a sonic passage into her forthcoming ambient album, from the forest floor, which the recording artist composed as a soundtrack for walks in the wilderness. The track—made in collaboration with John Mark Nelson—transports, stimulates imagination and encourages reflection. Conceptual in nature, the album’s 12 tracks are each dedicated to a swath of time in one 24-hour cycle. “This song is named for a peak in the Kittatinny Mountains in north Jersey, that lies along the Appalachian Trail in Stokes State Forest,” Youngs says in a statement. “Standing at the top, you can see New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York spread out below; it’s a popular place to watch the sun come up. This piece is an invitation to look up and to look out, toward the clean slate of another tomorrow coming up over the horizon line.”