Youngs Farm Jams

Fresh fruit spreads now selling from Project No. 8's newly redesigned online shop


Fresh in at NYC concept shop Project No. 8 is an assortment of mouthwatering jams from Long Island’s Youngs Farm. The family-run farm, founded in 1892, is known among New Yorkers for its homemade pies made from a seasonal bounty of fruit—and the jams are no less delectable.

The selection includes classics like blueberry, strawberry and peach, as well as less common concoctions like rosemary, mint and basil. We sampled a few of the jams and are taken by the lightness in texture and smooth punch of pure flavor—which is not only refreshing on the palate, but also means a little bit goes a long way. The mint is particularly nice spread on a piece of toast and topped with sliced strawberries, or as a sauce for a roast lamb.

youngs-farm-jams-project8-3.jpg youngs-farm-jams-project8-1.jpg youngs-farm-jams-project8-2.jpg

As Sight Unseen explains, Project No. 8 duo Brian Janusiak and Elizabeth Beer recently redesigned the website for their beloved brick-and-mortar shop, which will portray a genuine reflection of the carefully considered goods they carry in their current inventory (which is featured in a slideshow of still-life images by NYC-based photographer Clemens Kois).

Pick up Youngs Farm jams ($12) and more online from Project No. 8, or visit their Ace Hotel and Lower East Side locations to stock up in person.

Photos by Karen Day