Kerry Skarbakka

Kerry Skarbakka makes images that allow him to let go of it all. To make the photographs in his series "The Struggle to Right Oneself," he harnesses himself to ropes and pulleys that keep him from hitting the ground. He then photographs himself as he hurls his body off of buildings and cliffs (often repeatedly), and digitally erases the safety devices from the pictures.

He has described this work by saying that “Heidegger described human existence as a process of perpetual falling, and it is the responsibility of each individual to "catch ourselves" from our own uncertainty…The images stand as reminders that we are all vulnerable to losing our footing and grasp.†He is currently showing alongside Anthony Goicolea, Todd Hido and Gregory Crewdson in an exhibition called The Big Picture at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Check out his website for more images and information. Click images for detail.