Lampland: Flowers in the Rain

From Lampland (aka New York-based singer-songwriter Tommy Bazarian), the hazy alt-folk track “Flowers in the Rain” features vivid, visceral storytelling charged with currents of emotion. It’s the second single Bazarian’s shared from the forthcoming album Dry Heat, out 20 May on Park the Van. “This is one of my favorite songs off of the new record, and it was hands down the hardest to make,” Bazarian says. “I wrote this chorus in the summer of 2019, and loved it right away, and it was one of those things where you like the chorus too much and can’t find a verse that matches it. I finally got the verse after like three months and 80 attempts. I think I was aiming for one of those big dramatic Elliott Smith songs on XO, like ‘Sweet Adeline’ or ‘Waltz #2.'”