Leigh-Anne Mullock: Needlepoint Jane Austen Book Covers

by Laura Neilson


Channeling Jane Austen's characters by imagining their creative leanings in needlepoint, graphic designer Leigh-Anne Mullock's conceptual cover illustrations offer winsome and eye-catching alternative to the traditional oil-painting portraits found on the jackets of so many literary greats.

As a self-declared "dorky Jane Austen fan," Mullock felt that the various imagery currently gracing Austen's novels didn't serve justice to the wit and charm of the author's writing. Before setting needle to cloth, she dreamed up what each story's protagonist might have been inspired to stitch, resulting in original graphics for Austen's "Mansfield Park" and "Pride and Prejudice."

Much like the recently published Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Mullock's covers exemplify a creative way to pay homage and reinvent the classics.