Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Raw food according to GZA, tech-enabled treadmills, taxidermy beer bottles and more in our Saturday link special


1. Davida Classic Helmet

Hand-built to achieve a design nearly identical to a 1950s low-dome racing helmet, the Davida Classics could make you one of the most stylish motorcyclists on the road—if you can decide between the many colors and graphics they offer.

2. Pratt Home Collection

Tapping some of Pratt’s finest, West Elm recently launched a well-stated, cohesive furniture collection in collaboration with the college’s sustainability-oriented Design Incubator program. Inhabitat‘s great rundown goes over how the collection also meets FSC certifications.

3. iOScars

Even with all the drama surrounding Apple’s latest iPhone release, the mobile’s upgraded video quality goes without question. iOScars, a joint venture of BBH Labs and Freedom & Partners, invites original video submissions (via YouTube) for a community-built look at the creative possibilities enabled by the device.

4. The End of History Beer

Scottish brewery BrewDog not only brews the world’s strongest beer at 55-percent alcohol, but packages it in taxidermied forest animals. Only twelve bottles have been produced (they already sold out at $765 a piece) in models that include rabbits, stoats and squirrels.


5. Newspaper Wallpaper

We first noticed Weitzner Limited’s wall covering upcycled from newspapers at
furniture showroom in Chicago. Uniform Tie from Apolis Activism that hits all our object-fetish buttons just right.

7. Mountain Biking in New York Parks

While more and more popular in NYC as a favorite warm-weather activity and way to get around, urban biking can still feel like a grind with flat paths and rush-hour traffic. For those interested in a less stressful biking experience, the New York Times takes a look at Cunningham Park in Queens, where mountain biking is not only available but encouraged, along with good spots in Staten Island and Manhattan for off-road pedaling.

8. Compass Folding iPad Stand

If you’re so in love with your iPad and want a prop for checking email, reading, and doing other things you used to do on your desktop, then check out the just-launched Compass. The $40 easel, stand and theater provides a portable way to display your device to type in a sleek heavy-duty steel design.


9. GZA Goes Raw

Foodie site Eater recently met up with Wu-Tang leader GZA to discuss his support of the raw food movement. In the interview GZA shares his favorite vegetarian spots and comfort foods, as well as his approach to eating well while supporting sustainability across the U.S.

10. Creative Portfolio Display

Up until now, the creative professionals on Behance have had only a black-and-white version of their portfolio on LinkedIn, but now with an app called Creative Portfolio Display members can connect full-color images to their LinkedIn profile.

11. Work Out While You Work

The always-forward-thinking fitness gurus at Technogym designed a multimedia treadmill that helps you stay connected to social media outlets while working out. Perfect for productivity-addicts, you can check email, catch up on news, and stay on top of tweets and Facebook while staying fit.

12. The Perfect Pour

Featuring coffee drinks of all types—from the sweet frozen Eiskaffe to a classic Irish—this infographic breaks down each recipe into ratios. Illustrated by cute vector graphics, the chart makes it easy for even yellow-belt baristas to brew a fine caffeinated beverage.


13., a virtual fitting room, gives men the chance to see how they’ll really look in clothes before they make a purchase online. The robotic mannequin’s shape-shifting panels show how clothes will actually look, adjusting to any proportion based on measurements you enter online.

14. Tron Legacy Trailer #2

At Comic-con, Disney debuted a new-and-improved trailer to the feverishly anticipated Tron sequel, along with a preview of the accompanying Daft Punk-scored soundtrack.

15. Dom Perignon x Andy Warhol Tribute

The candy-colored results of a commission from the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design, Dom Perignon‘s new Andy Warhol-inspired labels pay tribute to the icon’s seductively playful and elegant style.

16. Dear Gif Diary

Created by a Portland gent who goes by Dickbird, the oddly appealing Dickbird, Gif Diary is an online archive of slightly absurd animated images. via Rob Heppler