Live Fast Mag’s First Annual Print Issue

The LA-based publication kicks it up a notch with their first offline edition


Vivianne Lapointe isn’t only a CH contributor, but happens to be the founder of LA-based website Live Fast Mag. Over the past few years, Lapointe has gathered many different voices to cover the focus topics of fashion, art, sex and travel (hence the name FAST), and she’s now raising money to help preserve and advance the community she’s built. Live Fast will be making its first foray into the world of print in an annual publication and at the same time, complete a redesign of their website.

The first issue will come in the form of a thick 9″x12″ book which Lapointe calls “an ode to the best times had with Live Fast and the best times to come.” Some of the features include a travel guide to the iconic Highway One drive in its entirety, accompanied by photography from Laura Austin, a focus on up-and-coming artists in Detroit’s art scene, an editorial on current “power couples” and, of course, their much-anticipated Best of 2014 Lingerie Guide.

In terms of new online content, Lapointe tells CH to keep an eye out for new sections such as “Babes and Books”—a “cross between a beautiful editorial and an elevated literary review” and a lifestyle column focused specifically on sex.

hannah-stouffer-live-fast-mag-kickstarter.jpg MollyStone_print-live-fast-kickstarter.jpg

In return for funding, Live Fast is offering some creative goods including limited edition prints from photographers and artists—and even one original artwork by LA-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer, who has created trippy, colorful works for everyone from The New York Times to Nike and The Standard, Hollywood, not to mention her own solo shows.


When asked what Live Fast offers that’s currently lacking in other publications, Lapointe responds, “We act as storytellers and hope to inspire readers to pursue not only their own adventures but also their own passions. I also think we maintain the delicate balance between sexy and classy—a difficult feat to accomplish.” She adds, “[And] our lingerie guide is the most beautiful on the internet.”

While donations will be rewarded with tangible goods, the funds will be supporting a unique voice in the industry and helping them keep afloat. Visit the Live Fast Kickstarter campaign to secure a print issue, artwork and more.

Images courtesy of Live Fast Mag