Luxury Printing


One quick flip through São Paulo-based Luxury Printing magazine is all it takes to realize this is a different type of publication. High-quality and lacking any hints at pretentiousness, the first issue melds innovative graphic design with free-form creativity. The 128-page mag is the creation of graphic designers and architects Vicente and Nasha Gil, with the help of publishers Grafica Aquarela SA, and was developed as a statement against what they saw as graphic design bending under the stress of commercialism.

Definitively against the issue existing in the digital realm (maybe this is why I haven’t heard back from Vicente about being featured on this site), instead Luxury Printing embraces the physically tangible. It follows that each of the spreads is uniquely its own, from type of paper used, including plastic, to other aesthetic embellishments (like Post-Its, pop-outs and inserts) that adorn pages.

Among the contributors are Gil’s current and former students at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo. Unfortunately you can only find the issue in Brazil, but click on the names under the “Shitbusters†section to get an idea of the issue or see more images here.