Neutral Milk Hotel: Naomi

From Neutral Milk Hotel’s acclaimed 1996 album, On Avery Island, the track “Naomi” was inspired by and named after rock band Galaxie 500’s bassist and vocalist Naomi Yang. Now, 26 years later, and to commemorate today’s release of The Collected Works of Neutral Milk Hotel, Yang has debuted her own visual interpretation of the track. “I was charmed by the album and by the band in all its raucous joy, but wasn’t sure about the namesake song,” Yang shares in a statement. “The lyrics seemed sweet but disquieting—a fan letter with a dark edge. Then, years later, in anticipation of a retrospective box set release, I made a music video for ‘Naomi’ with the blessing of the band.” Though supported, it’s still an unofficial video, as Neutral Milk Hotel has never created visuals for their songs.