Peeping Tom


Famous for fronting Faith No More, Mike Patton's many other projects—from the early '90s metal funk of Mr. Bungle to recent collaborations with fellow California noise-maker Kid 606—have always been on the edge of experimentation and taste. Now the release of his latest album, Peeping Tom, brings in a bevy of big-name guest artists for a disc that Patton calls his "version of pop music." Made entirely by swapping files (à la The Postal Service), some of the artists, like Kool Keith's out there persona and the dark trip hop of Massive Attack, are more obvious fits with Patton's more irreverent side. But, tracks featuring members of Oakland avant-hip hop collective anticon and the unlikely pairings with Bebel Gilberto and Norah Jones are surprising mixes of Patton's charming macho vocals and his collaborators' more- smoothed-out styles. Officially due out 30 May 2006, order it now from Amazon.