Pentagon Says Extraterrestrials May Have Already Visited Earth

According to a draft document (which is under review) released by the Pentagon, intelligent extraterrestrial beings might have already visited Earth and even be monitoring life here via research devices—or probes. Written by Sean Kirkpatrick (director of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office) and Avi Loeb (chairman of Harvard’s astronomy department and founder of the Galileo Project), the research paper says, “Since most stars formed more than a billion years before the Sun, it is possible that other technological civilizations predated ours by the amount of time needed for their devices to reach Earth.” It goes on to explain how a mothership may send probes down to a planet as it passes by, like sprinkling seeds, even if there hasn’t been an official alien landing. Read more about the document at Dazed.

Image courtesy Albert Antony/Unsplash