Radio FG


Radio FG has been one of the best radio stations in France for a long time, and they have always had a strong presence online. If you are a fan of Garage, House, Deep, Hardcore, Trance, Techno or Electro you should check their site out. Their current online content is excellent—offering several different streams in multiple formats to accommodate your network speed and listening choice (iTunes, RealPlayer, etc.). A very large group of resident and guest djs keeps it fresh.

In addition to the three main streams (Live Radio, Chic, and Underground) there is a library of audio/video mixes, playlists and other sources. The site is in French only, but many of the words are English and it is very easy to navigate. The streams are fully noted, so you can see the name of the group/song/dj you're listening to. The program list keeps you informed of the live radio programs, which are on GMT+1. This means that the great evening shows hit in the afternoon stateside, perfect for an afternoon boost at the office.