Reef Check


Of the eco-tourist travel boom lately, one of the most effective programs we've encountered is conservationist non-profit Reef Check. Tourists lucky enough to indulge in exotic island vacations have a chance to give back, combine active and activist lifestyles and help maintain reef integrity by joining Reef Check.

The human impact on coral reefs is a result of quick-buck practices such as bomb fishing, poison fishing, coral mining and even reef walking, leading to the extinction of some indigenous species from a vast majority of the world's reefs. In an effort to help educate people that such practices are selfishly destroying these precious ecosystems for temporal gratification, Reef Check enlists teams of volunteer divers, snorkelers, scientists and community organizers to catalog reef life as an indication of reef health and to promote awareness.


CH recently had the chance to experience the program first hand to promote Malibu's involvement with Reef Check's cause. The rum-maker's role is twofold, with a sponsorship of a 10-day Malibu Beach Internship, where ten of-age adults can travel to an island paradise and survey coral life for Reef Check's worldwide database. They've also recently issued a redesign of the iconic Malibu bottle, sporting flashy Caribbean colors and beach motifs—a portion of all sales go directly toward Reef Check efforts.


For more info on how to get involved on your next excursion visit Reef Check and apply.