The Return of the Accutron Watch Inspires a Podcast on Culture

When the Accutron wristwatch launched in the ’60s, it redefined what timepieces could look like—and how they could draw their power thanks to a proprietary tuning fork movement. With a new Accutron on the horizon, the brand tapped COOL HUNTING Editor in Chief David Graver to join entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy and editor Scott Alexander for The Accutron Show, a podcast about more than watches—in fact, an episodic discussion on art, culture, collecting, retro-futurism and design. With guests including Wine for the World founder Mika Bulmash, art advisor Maria Brito, and the founders of Hudson Whiskey and Assouline Books, each episode delves into a new world. The Accutron Show is available on Spotify, Apple and Stitcher, with new episodes available each week.

Image courtesy of Accutron