Accutron Holiday Gift Guide

Ten design-forward items fit for a watch brand that defines the past, shares the present and inspires the future

Presented in partnership with Accutron

An iconic watch brand that has inspired innumerable conversations, Accutron returned in 2020 with a suite of timepieces that channelled its resounding heritage, pop culture impact and unmatched technical prestige. Through the ’60s and ’70s, Accutron redefined watchmaking and the perception around watches. From the first fully electronic watch movement to design that defied the times, Accutron set new standards then—and continues to do so now. The following gift guide—composed of two new limited release watches and eight design-forward items—speaks to the Accutron lifestyle. You’ll find innovation here, along with the excitement that comes from seeing something timeless and truly extraordinary.

Accutron Spaceview 2020

Powered by a state-of-the-art electrostatic movement (that requires no winding or batteries), the Spaceview 2020 timepiece extends Accutron’s history of technical innovation even further. The open-work design of the watch face—which references original Accutron retrofuturism, though updated for today—reminds wearers (and anyone who catches a glimpse) that this is a watch unlike any other, both inside and out. This limited release Accutron Spaceview 2020 iteration ($3,650), to be released November 2021, comes on a matte green genuine (and ethically sourced) alligator leather strap.

Lumio Book Lamp

Designed by Max Gunawan, the Lumio Book Lamp ($200) combines a fascination for origami and flexible lighting solutions, resulting in a charming piece. When closed, the Lumio resembles a book bound in laser-cut wood, but when opened, the book transforms into a sculptural light—and it’s variability doesn’t end there. Neodymium magnets hidden within the book covers enable the lamp to stand at an expanded 180 degrees, while leather straps allow it to be suspended like a paper lantern. The pleated interior is made from hard-wearing and water-resistant Tyvek, further bestowing the book with portability and durability. In just about any space, this lamp’s warm, 500 lumens delights.

ENCENS 9 Candle

From iconic NYC-based Le Labo, a new fragrance in the form of a candle: ENCENS 9. Like all their scents, ENCENS 9 ($75) proves itself to be nuanced and bewitching. Frankincense mingles with amber and clove; blending woody notes, sweetness and spice to create a rich, warm fragrance perfect for a den, study or other small nook where coziness is paramount. The 8.6-ounce candle should burn for approximately 60 hours.

Accutron Estie Diamond Cast Fountain Pen

The latest exquisite entry in the collaboration between innovative watch brand Accutron and historic American writing implement producer Esterbrook Pens, the Accutron Estie Diamond Cast Fountain Pen ($750) arrives with an oversize option featuring an 18k gold nib. Limited to 100 pens, this celestial item is produced by blending a proprietary “Diamond Cast” formula in Accutron green with gold and diamond dust. It’s also accentuated with a gold-plated trim. Altogether, the pen calls to mind the Cosmos, which references Accutron’s history in the Space Race.

The Carlyle Book

An emblem of timeless Uptown New York glamour, The Carlyle Hotel has dazzled guests since the 1930s. Through more than 200 images (including never-before-seen photographs), with tantalizing text by author James Reginato that delves into the establishment’s storied history and a foreword from Lenny Kravitz, Assouline’s new The Carlyle book ($120) captures the magic. Those who’ve stayed at the hotel or sipped classic cocktails within the whimsy of Bemelmans will appreciate it—but so will anyone else who dreams of its legacy.

Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle version of Frank Stella’s stunning 1970 painting “Firuzabad” echoes the colorful, geometric abstract piece. With two overlapping circles—which, in the puzzle ($20), are specially contoured for the smoothest curves—the jigsaw boasts an unusual shape. Inside the circles, opposing and complimentary concentric and diagonal lines converge in a mesmerizing pattern. Made with 90% recycled paper, the puzzle is printed with non-toxic ink.

Hudson Whiskey’s Four Part Harmony

As Hudson Whiskey’s oldest release yet, the Four Part Harmony ($130) likens itself to a jazz quartet for its harmonious blend of four grains: corn, rye, wheat and barley. The ingredients are sourced exclusively from local farmers, an integral part of the distillery’s aim to bottle New York’s bold nature—which this 46% ABV whiskey does and then some. Aged for a minimum of seven years for complex and lasting flavor, this limited edition release is a resounding liquor that expands the boundaries of American whiskey.

Echasse Vase

Suspended with a sense of lightness, the Echasse Vase ($225) offers a breath of fresh air from traditionally elegant vases. Designed by Copenhagen-based Theresa Rand, the teardrop-shaped vessel is inspired by laboratory test tubes while the glass, balanced on a steady, stilt-like base, gives an illusion of fragility. When filled, this seemingly dainty vase aptly emphasizes the delicate beauty of bouquets. Yet even empty, the vase’s smoked, handblown glass feels poetic. The Echasse comes in a small, medium and large sizes and can be used with or without the brass base. Price reflects a size small.

Accutron Legacy Leather Strap

There’s more than an elegant asymmetry to Accutron’s Legacy watch ($1,450), which honors the brand’s iconic “521” model from the ’60s. This new gold-toned stainless steel model, limited to 600 numbered pieces, is powered by Accutron’s Swiss-made automatic movement (visible through an open caseback). Further, a lizard-embossed brown leather strap rounds out the inspired, contemporary design language.

Wine Tote

Woven from the same premium full-grain leather used for their duffle bags and personal accessories, WP Standard’s wine tote ($68) can accommodate two bottles—and comes complete with an affixed corkscrew pouch (which the brand can monogram). It’s a handsome, high-quality addition to any picnic ensemble.

Hero image by Chris Coe, all other images courtesy of respective brands