Thomas Broomé: Modern Mantra

To a level of almost maniacal precision, Swedish artist Thomas Broomé uses indian ink on white paper to create sterile interiors constructed with words and letters in "Modern Mantra," a series of 18 "text drawings"(click on images for englarged view). Broomé applies his mastery of perspective to create illusionary dimensions by positioning letters at certain angles and degrees. He even re-creates the fluidity of water and bed linens by tweaking and rotating letters the slightest bit. The words are entities in themselves composing forms through repetition and technique. The dual function of words and images is a central theme, while also a critique on the way our logo-centric society ingrains logos and brands through repetition.

His work was recently showcased by Galeri Magnus Karlsson at the Armory Show in New York. Keep a lookout for upcoming exhibitions as they shouldn't be missed.