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Three Menorahs


Even goyim can appreciate the charm of lighting menorahs during dark winter months. These three—whether tongue-in-cheek, made from inventive materials or an unobtrusive modular set— lend just the right amount of irreverence for surviving the season.

Acrylic Menorah
This acrylic menorah (pictured above left) by Italian design team Sawaya & Moroni combines a classic shape with modern materials. Reminiscent of the Mahua Huni acrylic candelabras by Ingrid Goessner (also produced by Sawaya & Morni), the mango- colored menorah adds high design to Hanukkah celebrations. Available online from Barneys for $400.

Minimalist Menorah
This minimalist menorah (pictured above center) from Urban Outfitters offers a sleek design with an equally minimalist price tag. The kit includes nine glass cubes that can be configured and six different shades of candles. Available online for $20.

Last Match Menorah
The clever Last Match Menorah (pictured above right) by Kathleen Walsh adds some humor to the "festival of lights." The base is made from clear white pine wood and the oil candles can burn for up to eight hours before being refilled. Available in black or red from Unica Home for $240.


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