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Women Artists Lost to Museum Archives

With the artist Marisol Escobar as his first example, Washington Post writer Sebastian Smee argues that retrospectives in national and prolific establishments remind the zeitgeist of great artists—and women have been under-serviced. Marisol, who went solely by her first name when exhibiting, was a Warhol contemporary and highly sought-out in the ’60s. Her shows were swamped and she accumulated much acclaim. No major institution has offered her attention. And she is not alone. There are, of course, other reasons why fame disappears, but when cast through movements like #5womenartists, where social media users were challenged to name five, it’s easy to understand the benefit of a retrospective’s resources. To learn more, and more about artists like Sheila Hicks, Joan Jonas and Mary Heilmann, head over to the Washington Post.

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