An ABC of Hermès Crafts

Olivier Saillard catalogues the French luxury label's unique craftsman lexicon


After almost two centuries of making iconic silks and bags, masterful watches and fine saddlery, what Hermès is still best known for is its dedication to craftsmanship. In “An ABC of Hermès Crafts,” the French luxury label offers an unprecedented glimpse into the world of their storied workshops by cataloguing the complex vocabulary of their expert artisans.

Written by Olivier Saillard, director of the Galliera Fashion Museum in Paris, the book includes 100 trade-specific terms used by the tailors, cobblers, watchmakers and designers that make up the indispensable team of Hermès artisans. Defining his way through this insider alphabet, Saillard reveals the unimaginably intricate web of precise gestures, measurements and moments that go into creating superior handcrafted products. With terms for everything from the removal of sericin from silk (degumming) to the process of leafing through leather (feuilleter), “An ABC of Hermès Crafts” showcases the seemingly impossible number of details and skills that each artist must master. By focusing solely on the workshop lexicon, the book places the craftsman at the heart of the Hermès philosophy and affirms the brands continued dedication to uncompromising quality and the truly talented.

Perfect for design nerds with a passion for the finer things in life, “An ABC of Hermès Crafts” is available for purchase through Amazon for $20.

Photos courtesy of Hermès