Bird Bingo

Illustrator Christine Berrie gives the classic game the Audubon treatment


London’s Magma Books gives new meaning to bird calling with a handsomely illustrated bingo set featuring 64 of the world’s most exotic feathered friends. Tapping RCA grad Christine Berrie to bring Bird Bingo to life, Magma’s take on the classic game is as easy on the eyes as it is to play—from the Splendid Fairywren to the Saddle-Billed Stork, Berrie’s beautifully detailed depictions will entertain everyone from small children to a modern-day John James Audubon.


Bird Bingo can be as simple as calling out the proper name, finding it on the board and marking it with a red dot until one line on your card is complete. You can also test your bird brains by forgoing names in place of descriptions, which are written by natural history specialist Mike Unwin. If you know the only bird that can recognize itself in the mirror or which bird’s feathers were once used as headdress by the king of Zimbabwe’s Ndebele people, you may just have a Bingo on your hands.

Available 19 September 2012, give someone the bird or pick up a set for yourself at one of Magma’s shops, or pre-order the game online from Amazon and Bird Bingo publisher Laurence King.