The Infographic Guide to Series

Illustrated, informative and lighthearted, the hardcover series packs a wealth of knowledge into playful graphics


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infographic is surely worth 10,000. Where words would surely fail, the infographic takes a complicated bounty of data and, in the best cases, succinctly and aesthetically transforms it into an appealing, encapsulating and (of course) informative image. Far from delving into the design process of the field, London-based Octopus Book Group’s upcoming series (out 21 October 2014) “Infographic Guide to” takes a lifetime of facts and concepts around various topics and compiles them into a neat and cheery tome of infographics. The “Infographic Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything” covers everything from black holes to traffic states with a sense of humor and approachability that make the series suitable for a wide range of ages. Ever colorful, diverse and oddly informative (the deepest train station in the world is in Kiev, FYI), the books make a perfect gift for that person who thinks they know everything—or at lease aspires to.


Other equally fun and informative entries in the series include graphic guides to sports, literature, music and movies. Each book starts at £13 and is currently available for pre-order from Octopus Books.

Image by Cool Hunting