CH Gift Guide: Editor’s Picks

Ten shortlisted highlights from our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Twenty-twelve has been a rambunctious year in the world of product design, and we’ve been right here watching, salivating and collecting the best of the best for our annual Gift Guide. With hundreds of items already in the archive and more being added every day, plus our newly launched iOS Gift Guide app, our selections represent a highly edited survey of the overwhelming market. Following the launch earlier this week, we decided to gather up ten appetizers from the first batch of items to titillate your spendthrift tendencies. Read on for 2D clocks, hamburger duvets, LED kangaroos and more.

Rakafuki Friends LED Bulbs

Dressed as an adorable little pig, kangaroo or chicken, these highly efficient LED bulbs are designed to last 30 years and excite kids about sustainable lighting.

Rocket by Pat Kim

Brooklyn-based designer Pat Kim ingeniously employs solid walnut in the construction of these rockets, making an elegant design object rather than a throwaway toy.

Burger Duvet Cover

This brightly colored burger duvet complete with sesame bun pillow cases will make dreaming about the next bite that much easier for the burger lover in your life.

Hell Yes!

London-based duo Crispin Finn use a simple color scheme to make bold statements, such as this inspirational foam finger print, which is sure to keep you feeling boss even in creative doldrums.

Ceramic Jar

Minnesota-based artisan Ben Fiess makes the packed lunch alluring with his utilitarian ceramic jar, a beautifully designed portable container made from clay and glazes.

Soul Poles

These bamboo ski poles are 25% stronger than traditional poles and are handmade in Park City, Utah. Perfect for the eco-conscious soul wanting to show their vibrant side.

Gonzo: A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson

Illustrator Anthony Hope-Smith adds graphic appeal to Will Bingley’s captivating look at the legendary American writer Hunter S. Thompson and his notorious Gonzo style.

Horizontal Pyramid Knuckle Ring

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Jeanette Thomas’ Moratorium collection involves meticulously hollowing out geometric shapes to create solid metal pieces that are as durable as they are stunning.

Click & Grow

No green thumb is needed for this electronic smartpot that independently grows plants without watering, fertilizing or gardening know-how.

Flat Life Clock

This clever print by designer Finn Magee tricks the eye with an image of what is actually a fully functional alarm clock.