CH Gift Guide: The Ultimate Homebody

A wall-mounted fish tank, field jacket bathrobe, Mexican rug slippers and more for your favorite nester

Whether hunkering down to escape the doldrums of winter or just keen on staying in and lying low, most homebodies have the ability to turn their hibernation into an art. Outfit their indoor lifestyle with the best accessories, activities and environmental accents pulled from the 2012 Cool Hunting Gift Guide. No one needs to leave the house to give or get this holiday season—simply download the Cool Hunting Gift Guide app to choose, flag and share your favorites without going anywhere.

Merican Dream Door Mat

Whether they’re more of a “make my day” or “get off my lawn” sort of shut-in, their visitors will get the message with the Merican Dream door mat from designer Reed Wilson. Made from natural coco-fibers, this mat keeps it real…clean.

Private Island Estate

Petra Island (located on Lake Mahopac in Putnam County, New York) is an 11-acre private island complete with a stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, guest cottage and artist studio. There are views from every room, six fireplaces, a helipad—everything you need to be your very own Marlon Brando.

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer Glass Pipe Dildo

Multi-tasking takes on a whole new meaning with this hybrid dildo-pipe in rock hard (pardon the pun) plexiglass. With an eight-inch dildo topper that morphs into a green pipe base, the only problem is figuring out which vice to indulge first.

Wall Deco

The Wall Deco bubble display from Daily Green is a clever container for the only kind of houseguest that a homebody likes—small, silent and hardly noticeable. This patented acrylic design is a safe and effective home for a new pet fish, a mini Zen garden, or anything else lively.

Sport Utility Bathrobe

No need to change out of one’s robe when fetching the mail—these pajamas have been tested for field use. Winnifred Beach’s Sport Utility Bathrobe offers the function and look of a traditional field jacket alongside the ultimate comfort of a bathrobe.

Logo Fleece Shorts

Formality is just a word when your only daily interactions are with the delivery man. Best utilized when lounging, these fleece shorts are purely about the pleasure principle.

Bubble Bath

Made in an old Tuscan monastery, this gentle bubble bath—which is designed for allergic or sensitive skin types—contains a hint of chamomile extract for a subtle, soothing fragrance.

Hourglass Diffuser

Help the stay-at-home keep their quarters fragrant as they watch time pass by. Diptyque’s unique hourglass diffuser works by inverting the glass so that the stored fragrance passes through the joining core and escapes through the circled openings in the center without the help of heat.

Quarternio Green Plaid Blanket

Made from 100% ecological Merino wool, this handwoven blanket by artist Christian Zuzunaga takes inspiration from the geometric patterns of modern architecture and urban landscapes, and is ideal for snuggling up alone on a Friday night.

Crossed Arrows Rug Slippers

These colorful Crossed Arrow Rug Slippers are fashioned from scraps of ’20s through ’40s era vintage Mexican rugs. A pig suede sole offers traction while red beads and vintage concho details add a playful appeal.