Clothing that Responds to a Wearer’s Stress or Anxiety

Designed by Iga Węglińska, the Emotional Clothing Collection comprises two tops that change color or flash with lights to indicate if the wearer is anxious or stressed. “The collection is designed to stimulate our sense of taking part and force us to focus more on our bodies, for example by calming our breath to reduce a stress level,” says the designer. The line also explores how fashion can influence perception and aid in healing through biofeedback (a therapy technique that uses sensors to help people better understand their bodily reactions). The tops, sewn with conductive thread, are made from polysensory fabrics that respond to heart rate and body temperature, sending signals to the lights within the clothes. The signal tells the shirt to change color, serving as a message for the wearer. When the color changes from a warm tone to a cool tone, for example, it reminds users to calm down and take breath. The aim is to help wearers practice mindfulness by visibly seeing their reactions. Read more about this innovative collection and Węglińska’s mission at Deezen.

Image courtesy of Mila Łapko