Store Bikes Inside with CLUG Clip

A convenient, compact design that is easily integrated with any decor


Ever since the debut of our exclusive CH Edition Budnitz Bicycle last spring, we’ve been trying to find the best way to display the beauty at CH HQ. And, just in time for the spring riding season, it seems we have found the answer to our bicycle storage conundrum: the CLUG, a tiny wall-mounted tire clip storage device developed from start to finish by Vancouver, BC’s multidisciplinary design studio Hurdler. Recently launched via Kickstarter, the cute clip turns tight indoor spaces into secure bike storage while eschewing a clunky, unsightly structure hanging in the space when bike-less.

Made of two pieces that join together without hardware, the inner silicone material holds the tire securely without running the risk of marring the rim material. Ideally sized for standard road-bike tires, the CLUG is capable of holding a range of weights and even flexing to accommodate slightly larger wheels—though if your bike is particularly heavy, simply add a second CLUG to the second tire.

And while the clip seems to be clever enough as is, the packaging ups the ante by doubling as an installation template, DIY guide and debris-catcher in one. With this, and two screws, CLUG can be installed almost everywhere. Have a look at Hurdler’s many comical installation images for proof.

For those eager to get in on the goods, Hurdler is offering some exceptional “early bird specials,” including a 3D-printed CLUG that will ship prior to the final product run next fall, as well as a 3D digital file to print your own. Visit the CLUG Kickstarter for more on the bicycle storage clip, and Hurdler Studio for more like-minded projects..

Images courtesy of Hurdler