Constructive Witticism by Alexander Reh

Fullyloaded 1
Fullyloaded 2

When I first saw this chair over at I couldn't help but think of a few people I'd like to see sit in it. Fully Loaded, designed by Texas-born and Brooklyn-dwelling Alexander Reh, is a simply constructed frame with a seat made from 450 12-gauge shotgun shells. Reh says the brass tips create a massaging texture. Presumably they're live, making for the most tense massage I can imagine.

Reh has referred to his work as constructive witticism. A dark yet poignant sense of humor and irony is prevalent across his portfolio. In another example, the No-No Knives (below) appear to be a simple knife block, but upon closer examination there's a shocking discovery.

Nono 1
Nono 3