Adam Goodrum: Stitch Chair


Thanks to Adam Goodrum's Stitch Chair, we no longer have to choose furniture that fits over what we would actually like to have in our homes. And thanks to Cappellini, having recently added Stitch to its roster, it's now available in wider distribution.

The cleverness of the chair come from a nontraditional approach to folding, the result of the Australian industrial designer's goal of creating a version that didn't look like every other folding chair on the market and had the capability to go completely flat. Comprised entirely of aluminum, the chair bisects along a hinge for an impressively small footprint, a mere 15mm wide, when collapsed.

The design has been recognized with many awards, including Best Design by the American International Design Review and Best Furniture Product by IDEA.


The chair folds up to less than a half-inch thick and is available in various solid colors or a patchwork of colors at Cappellini stores.