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Cycling Through the Trees of Limburg, Belgium’s Bike Route

1,200+ miles of well-paved bike path in Limburg, Belgium grant cyclists access to “an open-air museum, an arboretum, a nature reserve,” and more. Once riders pass through Bokrijk’s “Cycling Through Water” installation (a 650+ foot path stretching out through a pond), they’re greeted by a 19th-century castle. Further down, the route takes to the air: the aptly named “Cycling Through the Trees” leg, a recent addition to the trail, lifts riders 33 feet above ground, alongside the upper body of hundreds of conifer trees. Not only a wonderful experience for humans, the project has meant more protection of flora and fauna. Pieter Daenen of BuroLandschap (the landscape architecture firm that designed the route to exist in harmony with the surrounding nature) says, “We can already see that disappeared vegetation is returning and rare amphibians are multiplying.” See more at Architectural Digest.

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