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Digital Wellbeing Labs: Into the Woods


One of the highlights of the London Design Festival this year was the launch of Digital Wellbeing (DWB) , a retail space that curates a rotating collection of tech-based products based on a theme. For their next installment, "Into the Woods," the folks at DWB gave CH an exclusive sneak preview of the nature-based and nature-inspired items in store before it opens this Thursday, 23 November 2006.

Kicking things off opening night, Owl Project will perform using their iLogs (pictured above, far left), an instrument made from a single piece of wood that records and plays samples. Like the iLog, both Ooms' wooden USB stick and Bless' new wooden cord jewelry (pictured above, left) dress technology up in nature.

Other work that stands out includes Holz Kontor's desktop computers created from fine woods like mahogany and cocobolo (pictured above, right), as well as Jeremy Thorp's Tree.Growth (pictured above, far right), which programs L-systems that biologists use to stimulate growth in plants and colors sourced from your clothing to "grow" an image of a tree. Each print comes with a CD-ROM so you can grow your own trees on your Macbook at home.