Richard Woods Home Makeover


London-based designer style to a home in Woodstock, NY, giving the nearly 30-year-old structure a completely new look. Known for the idiosyncratic faux wood prints he designed with Sebastian Wrong fittingly called "Wrongwoods," the upstate New York home is not surprisingly "a parody of what a weekend house should be" according to contemporary art collector and home owner Adam Lindemann. (Click image below right for detail.)


The transformation of Lindemann's home is not the first makeover project done by Woods, he made waves with "Renovation," an ersatz red-brick covering of a typical house in Wimbledon. Since then, Woods has utilized his fascination with surfaces to cover a multitude of locations including the ground floor of a courtyard in Venice, the exterior of a suburban Florida home and the interior of London's Leicester Square tube station, all challenges to the way we choose to decorate the world we live in.

While the Tudor home is a complete reworking full of Woods' cartoon-like style, the "Wrongwoods" collection has been popular among those doing a little home improvement in the vein of incorporating art-slash-design pieces into their decor.


You can purchase Woods and Wrong's collection at Amazon and Apartment Therapy